FREE Posh when you PARTY!

Hosting is Easy

If you’d love to try Posh and have a great time with your friends, then let’s party!

Get the Party Started

Where to begin? Aside from being a blast, parties are easy as pie to set up and plan, and the BEST way to pamper yourself by earning FREE POSH!

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Be The Hostess With the Most

We weren’t kidding when we said it’s easy to host. You can host online, at home and other fun soirées like birthdays, bridal showers, and more!

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Get Richly Rewarded

Your reward Perks are calculated each calendar month and available to use within minutes!

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Want to See Your Rich Rewards?

Check out how many Perks and half-priced items you can earn from your party:

Tiers Posh Retail Value* (Based on Lowest Level Amount Within Tier) Cumulative Perks At Min $ Purchases* (Based on Monthly Total)
$1 to $199 $0.06 6 Perks for every $1
$200 to $299 $25 2,500
$300 to $399 $40 4,000
$400 to $499 $55 5,500
$500 to $749 $70 7,000
$750 to $999 $110 11,000
$1,000 to $1,499 $150 15,000
$1,500 + $225 22,500 Perks + 17 Perks per $1 spent over $1,500

Dollar amount excludes taxes and shipping. The amount of Perks may vary for special promotions, seasonal items, portal merchandise, retired products, Perks exclusives and new Consultant Starter Kits. Perks will not be earned on items that do not contain PV.

Having a pampering Posh party with your friends is easy. Just contact your Consultant to set up your event.

Don’t have a Perfectly Posh Consultant yet? Find one now.
Download Hosting PDF for more details.

More Details About Being a Hostess

  • Half-priced items are cumulative and may exclude some items.
  • Earned Perks and half priced items can be utilized within 180 days of being earned.
  • All Hostesses must be fully enrolled in the Perks program to hear any rewards. The Perks Rewards Program is FREE, signing up is simple and no obligation.
  • Party total is based on the value of commissionable sales in the party month. Tax, shipping, and half-priced items deemed to not apply toward the cumulative total.
  • Consultants can be Hostesses, so if you love hosting Posh Parties you may consider being a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant by enrolling here.
  • Customers can view their available Perks, half-priced items, and other available promotions from their account.
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