Build a Business

When you join Perfectly Posh, you get everything you need to get started. It's fun, it's easy, and it's oh so pampering! Choose from 2 new Starter Kits every month so you can start a Perfectly Posh business that's right for you.



The Double the Posh Kit
Featuring 2 of several best-selling products–One for you, and one for your business.
The Lots of Posh Kit
A kit packed with as many new and best-selling products as we could round up!

Every Starter Kit also comes complete with business essentials so you can start pampering immediately–a bundle of catalogs, order forms, business cards, invitations and other business tools, plus a Perfectly Posh T-shirt and a monthly exclusive product for you and your Sponsor when you join!

March Recruiting EXCLUSIVE

This March, Joining Posh is Sweet!

Enjoy a ridiculously sweet clean with our exclusive body scrub blended with avocado & jojoba oils, honey, and sweet almond extract with a sticky sweet marshmallow scent.

An EXCLUSIVE product for both YOU and your SPONSOR when you join.

Hooked on Posh!

Wow! One dollop of Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme was all it took to have me hooked on Perfectly Posh. I LOVE their products and the way they make my skin feel. And knowing that what I’m putting on me and my family is safe and made from naturally-based ingredients makes it even better None of the bad stuff and all of the good—who doesn’t want that?

Perfectly Priced.

I am so in love with Posh! I have always used expensive, department-store brands that I had to save up for. Perfectly Posh’s fun AND good-for-you pampering products easily compare to the luxury brands I used to splurge on. With a huge selection of products all priced under $25 each, I get so much more for my money and I have enough to try them all!

With FREE training and tools, your Posh business can be up and running in no time! Training is FREE and led by our company experts: Perfectly Posh Premiers and the Home Office Team.


Perfectly Posh PREP ACADEMY

Every new Consultant has the opportunity to participate in the Perfectly Posh Prep Academy beginning the day she joins, for FREE. Quickly learn all the basics of Perfectly Posh when you watch simple, short videos and answer follow-up questions. In about 10 minutes a day you'll learn how to use your Vitual Office, about products, how to get organized, and much more.

Perfectly Posh PROPS

When you join and work, you'll earn! One month's numbers roll into the next and you'll accumulate Personal Volume (PV) and recruits. Earn FREE tools from the Posh Portal to help your business keep growing, plus very generous credits to choose your own tools, AND product credits for more pampering—PLUS you'll get commission on your product credits! Miss one of the Props? No worries—you can still earn the others.

From join day Sales & Recruits
Cumulative: they add up!
Meet Props & Earn Complete Prep Academy
ALSO receive:
Day 15 $200 Personal Sales   Prep Academy Bag
Day 30 $500 Personal Sales $30 Posh Portal Tools Credit
Certificate & Pin
$30 Product Credit
(you get commission on it!)
Day 60 $1000 Personal Sales
1 personal recruit
$60 Posh Portal Tools Credit
1000 personalized labels
Certificate & Pin
$60 Product Credit
(you get commission on it!)
Day 90 $1500 Personal Sales
3 personal recruits
$90 Posh Portal Tools Credit
500 business cards
1 personalized car vinyl
Certificate & Pin
$90 Product Credit
(you get commission on it!)

Passion for the Products!

After complaining to a friend about my dry, itchy, skin, she gave me a Perfectly Posh sample to try. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first because I had tried everything. But after using it I soon saw results and was convinced that there was something in it that worked. After trying more products and learning about the company, I decided to sign up as a Consultant! Now, I get to share these incredible products with everyone I meet–and make a little extra income while doing it!

Posh changed my life.

Deciding to Host a Posh Party at my house two years ago ended up changing my life! My friends and neighbors loved all the products so much that I knew I was onto something good. I eventually joined Posh and started my own business. I enjoy a flexible schedule that allows me to balance my family duties and responsibilities. I also get to travel, attend events, and forge amazing relationships with women all over the US!

As you continue to share Posh products with everyone you know and meet, your business will begin to grow. You’ll advance from rank to rank and eventually work your way to the top earning more commissions the higher you go. You’ll also receive Posh Points and great gifts along the way!


Move on up. EARN REWARDS

Posh Points is an exciting program that rewards YOU for working your business at ALL levels, big and small.

As a Posh Consultant, you'll receive Posh Points each month that let you shop through THOUSANDS of fun gifts including things like tickets to shows, appliances, jewelry, bags, and more. It's a "pat on the back" we give you for your hard work. Use your points as soon as you get them, or bank and redeem them when you've earned enough for something special. They're yours as long as you're a Consultant.


Pink Rank Advance 2,000
Pink Plus 1 Rank Advance 4,000
Pink Plus 2 Rank Advance 6,000
Pink Plus 3 Rank Advance 8,000
Premier Rank Advance 10,000
Silver Premier Rank Advance 20,000
Gold Premier Rank Advance 50,000
Platinum Premier Rank Advance 100,000
Monthly Award 3 ways to earn 18,000
QFC For each qualified frontline each month 1,000 each
Personal Volume 1 Posh Point for each PV every month Unlimited
Day Away Receive Posh Points when you attend 2,000
Leadership Receive Posh Points when you attend 4,000
Unconventional Receive Posh Points when you attend 4,000

Consistency PAYS OFF

As you continually sell products and find new recruits to join your team, you'll be able to earn the Monthly Award of 18,000 Posh Points. Depending on how many times you achieve the Monthly Award in a 12-month period, you'll earn generous cash awards and be recognized by our Founders at our annual event, Unconventional.


How to Earn
2000 PV 1 New Recruit
1500 PV 2 New Recruits
1000 PV 3 New Recruits
How to Earn Reward
Earn the Monthly Award
3 times between July 1 & June 30
(Awarded at Unconventional)
Earn the Monthly Award
6 times between July 1 & June 30
(Presented at a private awards party with Andrew & Ann during Unconventional)
Earn the Monthly Award
9 times between July 1 & June 30
in the city of Unconventional
(Presented at a private awards party with Andrew & Ann during Unconventional)

Great work has its PRIVILEGES

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Hard work finally PAYS

The Incentive is held every year to reward Consultants who PUSH to build their business. Each year, top achievers can earn a very exclusive pampering vacation, Unconventional registration, and other prizes. This year, we're visiting Paris and New York. Where will we go next year?


There’s nothing better than getting paid consistently and quickly as a reward for hard work. At Perfectly Posh, Consultants get paid EVERY week! Weekly commissions make it easy to plan your life and your Posh business around the individual needs of you and your family.


Perfectly Posh PAYS WEEKLY

Place your orders Sunday through Saturday and get paid personal commissions on those orders the following Wednesday. Your Perfectly Posh business lets you work this week and get paid on Wednesday.