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HOW IT WORKS is the perfect choice for anyone ordering Posh outside the US, US Territories, or Canada. When you join and subscribe to, you will get your very own US shipping address to use during checkout. Perfectly Posh will ship your items to your new US mailbox.

Once your packages arrive, they will be inspected by to ensure that what you ordered is in the box. Once confirmed, assumes responsibility of your order.

Your orders are then consolidated by and shipped to your international mailing address. This process assures you receive the best discounted shipping rates available.
Please be aware that there are items that cannot be shipped to all international addresses. The website has a list of these items for different countries.
At this time, individuals residing outside of the US cannot join Perfectly Posh as a Consultant.
Perfectly Posh has the right to cancel any order, for any reason, without prior approval by the purchaser. We consider any order shipped to a US-based address to be a US-based order. Posh Planet FAQs
If you live outside the US, join by clicking on the button below.
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