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*Product contents may vary slightly. Plus shipping and applicable sales tax.

Three Easy Steps to Start

1 Pamper Yourself

Your kit includes The Ritual™ Face Mask, a new Consultant exclusive. Pamper yourself by trying out your new mask and post a selfie on social media to let all your friends know you’re Posh! Be sure to try all the other Pampering for Me products, too.

2 Share the Experience

Your kit includes samples for you to share. Give your friends a sample of what Posh has to offer and let them experience first hand pampering with naturally based products.

3 Let Posh Work

Use your full-sized Posh products to offer simple spa experiences to your customers at in-home parties or events and start growing your business.

Starter Kit $99*

The Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start your Posh business including tools and printed materials like the Posh Paper, plus over $150 of full-sized products. Get started with a bag of goodies just for you, a bag full of samples to share, and a bag full of product to sell at your first Posh party or event. $99 also includes access to the Quickstart program, your FREE replicated Posh website and Virtual Office, plus tons of business training.

*Plus applicable tax + shipping. Product contents may vary slightly.

Ready, Set Rewards

Quickstart Begins the Day You Join

The Quickstart program rewards you for completing sales and recruiting goals within your first 15, 30, and 60 days as a Consultant. The rewards include Perks, certificates, pins, and other business building items. You can earn one, two, or all three Quickstart rewards. Any Consultant who joins Perfectly Posh will be automatically enrolled in the new Quickstart program.

  Requirement Rewards
15 Day Quickstart 250 Personal Volume 6,000 Perks Certificate & Pin
30 Day Quickstart 500 Personal Volume + 1 Personal Recruit 12,000 Perks Certificate & Pin
60 Day Quickstart 1,000 Personal Volume + 2 Personal Recruits 18,000 Perks Certificate & Pin + Personalized Bsuiness Cards
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"I had no idea how far I could go with this little business. After less than six years, I am a pampering entrepreneur running a very successful business and never missing a school event or soccer game!"

Bonnie Dodge

Platinum Premier

"I love being able to change the lives of other women who never thought it was possible."

Lauren Poindexter

Platinum Premier

"This company has provided a way for me to give my kids a better life, to be able to say yes to things they want to do or places they want to go."

Cassi Shannon

Platinum Premier

"I am not only proud to be a financial contributor to my household but I have learned that I am capable of incredible things."

Meghan Wilkinson

Silver Premier

As a Perfectly Posh Consultant, you join a tribe of amazing, like-minded women who get paid for sharing products they love with the people they love. We think that your work should be rewarding at all stages, so let the pampering begin!

  • We offer training opportunities for all Consultants no matter what their title or tenure at Perfectly Posh
  • You get paid weekly, at least 20%, on everything you sell and buy
  • Once you achieve $1,000 in lifetime sales, you weekly commission will increase
  • As your team grows, you can earn additional commissions
  • Along with weekly commissions, you’ll have the opportunity to earn incentives like free trips and attend exciting and fun training events
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