Glow & Tell Bundle

Glow & Tell

The Glow and Tell Bundle features three of our favorite Look Natural products that, when used together, create the perfect, glowing complexion. BFF Face Wash is ideal for all skin types and helps gently exfoliate dull, dry skin. Dawn on Me Face Oil is light enough for even oily skin types and helps keep skin hydrated. Never Grow Up Serum contains glycolic acid and vitamin C to brighten skin and boost cell renewal for a more youthful, radiant appearance. Plus the fruit infuser water bottle is the perfect way to incorporate more hydration into your daily beauty routine. Just add fresh lemons, berries, melons, cucumber, and more to pump up the flavor! 

BFF: Grapefruit and peppermint essential oils Dawn on Me: Lime, rosemary, and clove essential oils; vanilla extract and ginger root Never Grow Up Serum: Lavender and lemon essential oils

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Dawn on Me Daytime Facial Oil

What Is It?

A lightweight, gentle, and hydrating morning face oil for all skin types.

What Does It Do?

Soothes, hydrates, and moisturizes skin with a specialized blend of natural oils and botanical extracts.

How To Use It: 

Pat generously over clean, dry face, neck, and chest before applying makeup.