Host a Party

There's nothing more pampering than letting someone else do all the work. When you host a Perfectly Posh party, your Consultant will work with you to throw a great event. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and earn Posh rewards while you and your guests learn more about pampering. What’s not to love?

How It Works

Step One

Step One

Contact your Consultant and let them know that you’re interested in hosting a Perfectly Posh party.

Step Two

Step Two

Work out the details, like when to have your party and who to invite.

Step Three

Step Three

While you enjoy time with your guests, your Consultant will show off pampering products, answer questions, and collect orders so you can earn Host Rewards.

And the Rewards Go To...

When your party reaches certain volume tiers, you earn product credit and access to the Host Exclusive Store where you can order exclusive products that cannot be purchased any other way. Once your party reaches $750, you can also choose to order a Starter Kit to start a Posh business of your very own.

Take a look at all the pampering rewards you could earn:

6 Perks for every $1
2,500 Perks + 1 Exclusive Product
4,000 Perks + 1 Exclusive Product
5,500 Perks + 1 Exclusive Product
7,000 Perks + 2 Exclusive Products
11,000 Perks or Start Your Business + 2 Exclusive Products
15,000 Perks or Start Your Business + 5,000 Perks + 3 Exclusive Products
Starter Kit

Want Even More Pampering In Your Life?

If you love self care and sharing its importance with the people you love, consider becoming a Perfectly Posh Consultant. As a Host, you have the opportunity to earn your Starter Kit when your party reaches $750 or more.

It's Your Party, Host Like You Want To

There are a couple of different ways to host a Perfectly Posh party. Choose whichever one suits you best.

Virtual Party

Virtual Party

Virtual parties give you the freedom to host anytime, anywhere. Your Consultant can send samples to your guests ahead of time so they can experience pampering before your party. Then you can use social media to generate excitement for your party.

In-Home Party

In-Home Party

In-home parties allow you to invite party people into your home to try the products together. Guests can place orders via an order form at the party or online.

Any Questions?

What's a Consultant?

Perfectly Posh Consultants have the best job in the world! They own their own independent businesses selling pampering products that remind people that taking time out to care for themselves is important.

Perfectly Posh provides Consultants with everything they need to run their businesses, including tools, training, their own online website, an app, and more. It totally pays to pamper!

What's a Host?

As a Perfectly Posh Host, you connect your friends, family, and acquaintances with one of our Consultants so they can shop for and enjoy pampering products. It’s simple, really. You provide the guest list and we do everything else. When your Posh peeps purchase products, you earn rewards. Everybody wins!

What are the benefits of hosting my own Perfectly Posh party?

When you host your own Perfectly Posh party, you earn serious rewards, like product credit, the opportunity to shop in the Host Exclusives Shop where you’ll find unique products no one else can purchase, and the chance to earn a Starter Kit to start a Posh business of your own.

Who should I invite to my pampering party?

You can invite as many people as you’d like. Consider making a list of friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours, and contacts you share with your kids, like their teachers and coaches.

How long can my party stay open?

Once your party is opened, it can stay that way for 31 days. After that, it must be closed.

How long does it take to earn my host rewards?

You earn your rewards immediately after your party is closed.

How long do I have to redeem my host rewards?

You have 30 days from the close of your party to redeem your Host Rewards. You’ll want to use them quickly, too, because the Host Exclusive Shop has limited quantities.

What if I love hosting so mach that I want to join Posh as a consultant?

You can totally earn your kit. You just need to have a party that reaches $750 in volume or more and it’s yours!

If I earn a starter kit, do I have to pay shipping costs?

Yes. While the price of your Starter Kit is free, if you earn it from hosting a party, you do have to pay $8.99 for shipping.