Great Gifts Bundle

Great Gifts

Show your Hostess just how great she is with this gift-ready bundle featuring argan oil-infused As Good as Gold Skin Stick, our Classic Pink Snarky, and Honey Honey! Healing Body Crème.

As Good as Gold: Pear and fruits. Classic Pink Snarky: Exotic flowers and sassy sandalwood. Honey Honey!: Honey lemon.

This is NOT included in Buy 5, Get the 6th FREE.

EARN 330 perks
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As Good as Gold Skin Stick

What Is It?

A natural Moroccan argan oil stick for youthful and elastic skin, eyes, and nails.

What Does It Do?

Soothes dry skin and helps keep it looking youthful.

How To Use It: 

Smooth over eyes and face as needed.

Classic Pink

What Is It?

A fun, fragrant, and powerful scrubbing bar.

What Does It Do?

Natural exfoliants thoroughly remove dry, dead skin while simultaneously moisturizing with gentle shea butter. Revitalize your next shower or bath with the perfect pairing of aggressive exfoliation and unforgettable fragrances!

How To Use It: 

Rub over skin in the shower or bath. Rinse thoroughly. Pat skin dry and follow with moisturizer. Use daily or every other day. Aggressive scrubber—not recommended for face.

Honey Honey! Healing Body Crème

What Is It?

A honey-infused, intense-moisture body Crème.

What Does It Do?

Nourishes and helps heal small tears in skin, keeping it looking bright and beautiful.

How To Use It: 

Apply liberally from head to toes to nourish, heal, and pamper tired skin.