Spring Nights Bundle

Spring Night

Create the perfect spring evening with this exclusive bundle. Turn your tub into a dream with IndiGo Girl Bombinator Bar’s shimmery mica, softening coconut oil, and sweet violet and plumberry fragrance. While you’re soaking, cleanse and hydrate your skin with the delicate blue lotus and cedar-scented Full Moon Chunk. Then scrub with Love the Dark. As you exfoliate, its dusky sea breeze scent mixes perfectly with IndiGo Girl and Full Moon. After you’ve finished relaxing in the bath, dry off and complete the perfect Spring evening with IndiGo Girl Whipped Body Butter to nourish and soften your skin all night.

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IndiGo Girl Whipped Body Butter

What Is It?
A softening, whipped body butter scented with sugary sweet violet and plumberry.
What Does It Do?
Nourishes your skin with shea butter, safflower seed oil, oats, and indigo extract with a sugary violet and plumberry scent.
How To Use It: 
Smooth liberally onto clean skin from neck to toes and allow to soak in. Apply daily for best results.

Love the Dark

What Is It?
A body scrub with black sea salt, charcoal, and honey with a fresh sea breeze scent.
What Does It Do?
Exfoliates skin to remove dead, dry layers and reveal tighter, more nourished skin.
How To Use It: 
Apply liberally from neck to toes in the bath or shower. Scrub over skin in a circular motion then rinse thoroughly. Use 2–5 times weekly.

Full Moon Chunk

What Is It?
A triple-milled bath bar with lotus, cedar wood, and Himalayan pink salt.
What Does It Do?
Palm oil and glycerin clean and moisturize skin while lotus extract, cedar wood, and Himalayan pink sea salt nourish skin.
How To Use It: 
Use in shower or bath. Lather into hands and clean yourself from head to toe. Rinse thoroughly.