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Loyalty Has Its Perks

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It’s easy and FREE to be Perky. Simply enroll here. We’ll give you 500 Perks RIGHT NOW, and you’ll continue to earn Perks as you purchase products, host and share Posh with your friends, have birthdays, and lots of other things.

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You’ll earn Perks for all of the following & more:

FREE: Sign up for Perks 500 Perks
Birthday Month 500 Perks
Rewards on purchases 10 Perks for each $1 spent
Purchase 3 months in a row 500 Perks in your third month
Host a Party UNLIMITED Perks every month

Simple, Rewarding, Fast

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What do you do with all these Perks? Save and spend your Perks. You can get FREE products, samples, and more. You’ll keep earning Perks as you pamper with Perfectly Posh. Then you can choose which pampering you can get for FREE!

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Perks are good for a full year after you earn them on purchases and hosting, and 180 days when you get them for promotions such as birthdays, loyalty spending, and joining. Customers and Influencers alike earn Perks. Join today!

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