Shea Sisterhood


100% Pure & Natural
Handcrafted Raw Shea Butter

Through the Shea Sisterhood, Perfectly Posh partners with the Yurlim tribe in Gizaa-Gundaa, Ghana to bring high-quality shea butter to our products. Not only that, but this partnership helps support the women in the tribe who collect and harvest the shea nuts so that they can better provide for their families.

Now, we are proud to give you the unique opportunity to experience what pure shea butter can do for your skin. Introducing the Yurlim Shea Butter Tin: 100% pure and natural raw shea butter handcrafted by the women of Gizaa-Gundaa.

About the Yurlim Shea Butter Tin

100% Pure & Natural
Handcrafted Raw Shea Butter

This tin contains 100% pure shea butter—nothing else. We usually like to blend shea with other naturally based ingredients so you can experience it in many ways, but the truth is, shea is amazing on its own, too.

Why? Shea butter is deeply moisturizing, rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin A, which make skin look and feel smoother, softer, and most importantly, healthier. It’s why we use it in so many products.

Another reason we use it so often? It can be used anywhere. Try shea butter on your body, hair, feet, hands, and face —anywhere you need extra moisture. It’s no wonder it’s one of the best ingredients (if not THE best ingredient) for extremely dry skin.

And it doesn’t stop there. This shea tin will not only help your skin, it will help the women of Gizaa-Gundaa, too. $4 from every purchase of this tin goes to the Shea Sisterhood and will also help fund our medical trip to Ghana in 2020 to help bring better healthcare to the remote village.

Support the Shea Sisterhood and experience the Yurlim Shea Butter Tin today.

Yurlim Shea Production

Shea in Ghana

Yurlim is the Dagbani word that means love, will, and wish.

This is what our shea sisters have named their tribe.

These are real people with real pursuits, just like us.

There are 16 million rural women in Africa whose lives depend on shea. The Global Shea Alliance (GSA) works to support all of these women, and with the help of Perfectly Posh and the Shea Sisterhood, the women of Gizaa-Gundaa, Ghana have seen their business and their lives drastically improve.

For these women, shea harvesting is a way of life—a tradition passed down from generation to generation. It’s how they earn money and support their families and their community, paying for education, healthcare, and food.

The GSA helps ensure this tradition remains as fruitful as possible. Their sustainability program is focused on empowering the women who collect and process the shea, and protecting the environment. They construct processing and storage facilities, and provide business training, teaching women how to negotiate contracts and manage their profits.

Thanks to your support of the Shea Sisterhood, over 600 women in Gizaa-Gundaa now have their own processing center and warehouse, which is quadrupling their productivity and steadily increasing their income.

“This is not charity. We are in business with these women; we have a partnership. I don’t want charity, I want someone to help me get on my feet and help me fly.” —Ann Dalton, Perfectly Posh CEO and Founder

Shea Production

Shea Production

Shea Production

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