Jennifer Vickerman

Jennifer Vickerman

Influencer ID: 100
Location: Minneapolis, MN

My Posh Story:

Why Perfectly Posh? Here’s My Story…

When I heard that two people I greatly admire were part of starting a new and exciting company, I knew had to join. From my experiences with them, I knew the company would be ethical and cutting edge. It would also give the opportunity for people to build a business that fit their lifestyle while helping them provide for themselves and their families. The fast-paced early success of Perfectly Posh shows that we are providing all of these things, and much more! I am proud to be one of the first 100 consultants who joined Perfectly Posh the day we opened for business.

In today's economy, I feel it is important to have an income stream over which you have a lot of autonomy and control. For me, it is crucial that this income stream is flexible. I have a rewarding and demanding fulltime job, so I don't want to be tied to a part-time job where I punch someone else's time clock. Owning a business with Perfectly Posh gives me the opportunity to stay in control of my schedule, meet new people, share products that give them moments of high-quality pampering in our fast-paced world, and I earn some money to help me achieve my personal goals. I love sharing the business opportunity with others because my greatest joy is coaching and training others to achieve the level of success that is important to them.

It is crucial that any product I recommend is something that I can fully stand behind. Perfectly Posh offers spa-grade products that pamper and are kind to your skin. And the best part: they are made right here in the USA! Now more than ever before we are learning that what we put in on our bodies (skin care products) is just as important as what we put in our bodies (food and beverages). Perfectly Posh is a fantastic option for us all to pamper ourselves. We deserve it!

I am proud to be a Pink+3 Leader with over 5 years of experience with this amazing pampering company. Thanks for reading my story! I hope it inspires you to join our pampering pursuit as a customer, hostess or a business owner!


Jennifer Vickerman, Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant #100

Proud Business Owner since October 1, 2011