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Michelle Karr

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Hello Friends!

Welcome to my Blessed By Posh corner of Perfectly Posh!!

If you are searching for a company in the USA that makes all natural products that are not tested on animals, then you have hit the jackpot! If you are not looking for such things, then let us change your mind!! You will be amazed! Products are made from sustainable palm oil, beeswax, milk, honey, and essential oils. NO sulfates, parabens, lanolin, or phthalates!!!! All ingredients that you can pronounce :).

My journey with Posh began when I mentioned to a friend that I was bringing my youngest to the doctor because his eczema had gotten so bad. For me to go to the doctor is a pretty big deal because that is not a place we go very often. So, she drops off The Healer stick at my house. His skin smoothed some but he was still itching really bad. The next day she dropped a sample of Skindelicious Creamy Milk. The results were amazing! The first day we started The Healer, you could not even see his skin because of the eczema. After using the cream the next night, you could begin to see his skin in spots and he was not itching as much. A week later he only had a few spots and the red was almost gone. He was able to sleep through the night without crying out in his sleep from itching. It is a true blessing!!

I also got a few other samples (Snarky bar, Gender Bender chunk, The Stripper, and Snarky BFYHC)  to try out and I was completely hooked. I felt cleaner after using the Gender Bender than I have ever felt before. It made me refreshed and pure. Almost the same feeling that I get after my morning time with God.

After feeling so pure and rejuvenated after using the products I decided I wanted to share the products with others and touch their souls for Christ through touching their skin. There are so many parallels between the two; purification, rest, detox.

So, how about it? Hop on board, order your Blessing By Posh and pamper your body as you refresh your soul!

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Blessings, Michelle