Mindy Schippert

Mindy Schippert

Consultant ID: 14675

My Posh Story:

Thank you so much for visiting my Perfectly Posh Website!! I am so thrilled that you have shown interest in some of the best products on the market, and the best thing is these products are good for you, Made Right here in the USA, and always under $25.00

A Little about me!

My husband decided to leave the military and start anew, and I was left not really knowing were I fit in besides being a mom and a wife. I don't love Perfectly Posh because I "sell" it. Here is the thing, when I joined #posh, I had no intentions of selling it, I wanted my products at a discount because I know I'd be buying a lot, so I was becoming an investor so to say. I had one goal, get to $1000 in sales so I could up my comission. During that time, I was able to use more of the products, learn more about the company. My want and why changed, because I fell head over heals in love with how the products made me #feel. Shower time no longer became a something thst was suppose to be done daily, it became my escape, my comfortable place because of #posh. I am a SAHM of 2 and life gets busy, frazzled, and exhausting. I felt as though I had lost my identity and my independence. #posh had brought me out of my shell I had put myself in. 
So I still don't love #posh because I sell it, I don't sell posh. I share posh and what it has done for me. No matter your reason, no matter were you are in life, give posh a chance, you never know, this may be the Avenue God is presenting you, to change your situation, your life, and your heart

So if you are interested in learning more about what Perfectly Posh can offer you, dont be afraid to reach out. Trust me it is a leap of faith, you will never regret!!!

Happy Shopping and God Bless!