Sarah Lucas - Silver Premier

Sarah Lucas - Silver Premier

Consultant ID: 1512

My Posh Story:

Let me introduce you to The Poshiest!

I'm Sarah and The Poshiest is my team of over 350 fabulous women (and men!) all over the country. We are, among other things, business owners and amazing!

Our cute little family of 3 humans and 3 felines live in Edmond, OK... right outside of OKC. We looooove Disney, love the Thunder, Fighting Illini, and Arkansas Razorbacks. We're a little introverted, and a lot nerdy... but very entertaining once you get to know us!

I joined Perfectly Posh in the summer of 2012 when my bestie introduced me to the products. As someone who loves a good deal and passionate about cruelty free products, I decided to jump on the Posh train and become a consultant. I thought, worst-case scenario, I’d have a gazillion products for a mere $99. I really couldn’t lose.

Once I started my business, I realized that there was lots more potential in Posh, and myself, than I had originally imagined. At the time, I was an HR manager for a well-known retail company, and working waaaaaay too many hours outside the home. I wanted to be able to see my family more, to be present more at my daughter’s school, and to volunteer at organizations that are near and dear to my heart. Posh was my path to do that.

I’ve since become a full-time Posh leader where I see my daughter and main man more, where I am a PTO professional, and where I volunteer within my community weekly. And I’ve never been happier!

And the best side benefit ever… I have the opportunity to work with other smart and successful folx who are paving the paths for their vision of their life. Empowered peeps are happy peeps, and Posh gives us all the chance to be really and truly happy.

Let’s start your journey together. Whether you want to get awesome products at a discount, add to your retirement account, travel the world, pay off debt, or to buy that purse you've always wanted, you can do that with Posh.

You can do anything you set your mind to doing, and I’d love to help.

Let's talk!! Find me on Facebook or text me!

You too can be The Poshiest.