Tara Hestand

Tara Hestand

Influencer ID: 1665
Gold Premier
Location: Bay City, TX

My Posh Story:

On August 19, 2012  I took a leap of faith and joined Posh. I felt it was something new, fresh and exiting! I also had started having reactions to the bath and body products I had been using using so I was excited to try something that was naturally based and gentle. I joined without trying a single product and when I received my kit, I had no regrets. I could use every product without any sensitivity. 

I have had an amazing journey so far. I've met lots of wonderful people, traveled to places I've never been, and have earned incentives including  2 awesome trips!  I have grown a fabulous team and am currently a Gold Premier leader. I love that my business is flexible and I can set my own hours. This means I am able to do things with my 3 boys that I wouldn't be able to do working a full time job outside my home. 

I absolutely love our founders Ann Dalton and Andrew McBride. They have our best interests at heart and are phenomenal people. I can't wait to see what the future holds!