Amy Dill

Amy Dill

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My Posh Story:

I am an animal lover, as I'm an Army Vet Technician, when I found this company advertising "no animal testing" and naturally based products, without petroleum,   I had to try them!  I fell in love the first time I used the products! My favorite product is the BFF!  Holy wow, amazing! My face has never been so flawless! 

The Body butters are my second favorite as they actually smooth out and moisturize my skin without feeling sticky or greasy! I have been using the skin sticks on my scars and it has actually minimized them!

The chunk bars are phenomenal! All these years of using dove and itching like crazy after a bath! I never realized it was stripping my pores of their natural oils! 

I first joined thinking how much money I can rack in with these miracle products but now, after actually getting deposits,  I just don't care! I'm not doing this for the income, although it's fantastic! I am truly blown away at the results I'm seeing !

I will ship free samples to anyone who wants better skin! Male or female bring it on! I challenge you to get POSHED with me!





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