Erin Campbell

Erin Campbell

Consultant ID: 28348
Location: Vista, CA

My Posh Story:

Why Perfectly Posh?  Because I have always loved makeup, skin care, body care and pampering myself!  As soon as I saw the cute Perfectly Posh packaging and heard that the products were made with natural ingredients like essential oils, fruit extracts, coconut oil, shea butter and honey, I was sold.  heart  Learning that all of our products are made in America and that nothing is over $25 simply made me more excited to join this company.  We have a lot of vegan skincare and gluten free skincare options, which is really exciting.  I love how everything smells and how the products make me feel -- my skin has never been softer!  I think everyone deserves to pamper themselves and it shouldn't be something you sacrifice because of time or money.  

With Perfectly Posh, I help women (and men!) have fun and pamper themselves every day -- and I get paid to do it!  Perfectly Posh also uses recycled and recyclable materials in all of their packaging and containers.  Environmentally-friendly, good for you and makes you feel pampered... What could be better?!  Other than you joining me, of course.  wink  For just $99, you could get $250+ worth of products, business materials and 20%+ back on purchases and sales!

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I grew up in Southern California and now live in Vista, California.  I am so blessed to live here and would love to meet you, if you live in San Diego as well.