Andrea Lipomi

Andrea Lipomi

Consultant ID: 30921
Location: Las Vegas, NV

My Posh Story:

Your Las Vegas, NV Perfectly Posh consultant and owner of Feetish Spa Parlor in Downtown Las Vegas! I'm a licensed esthetician, massage therapist and nail technician, and I'd love to answer any questions you have about Perfectly Posh. 

Looking for a fun new pampering adventure? Join my team! Your $99 investment gets you over $150 worth of full size products, a free website, sales tools and the support of a team of awesome people with decades of experience in sales, wellness and pampering. We give prizes to our team members every month, and you'll have access to exclusive products and swag!

Let's chat! Call or text me at (702) 587-0745, or drop me an email at Thanks! :)


Some Of My Favorite Perfectly Posh Products:

* The Stripper - This Perfectly Posh body mud mask deep cleans your skin from the neck down. Breakouts? Smelly armpits? Leave some Stripper mud on these areas for 20 minutes then rinse. Repeat daily as needed!

* Pore Chores - This Perfectly Posh facial mask deep cleans pores and exfoliates your dull complexion in such a satisfying way! Apply Pore Chores, allow to dry thoroughly, then rub the dried mask off of your skin! As it flakes off it takes dead skin cells, oil and debris with it! Rinse the residue off with a warm washcloth, perform any extractions on stubborn blackheads (gently and safely if needed), then apply a Perfectly Posh moisturizer (like Never Grow Up or Night & Day). 

* Fresh Creamy Milk - My favorite Perfectly Posh body butter of all time! This tub of whipped shea butter smells like a lemony dessert and keeps dry skin moisturized all day long. It's one of the gentler Perfectly Posh body moisturizers, and its light scent is great for all ages and genders. I use it all it's fantastic on dry feet!