Farryn Mathie

Farryn Mathie

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Location: Hurricane, UT

My Posh Story:

My Perfectly Posh journey began in October 2015 when I was invited to a Posh Birthday Party. I was clueless as to what Posh was, but I had been feeling rundown as life with a one-year-old can make you feel sometimes. I went to the party and loved the products, but I didn’t spend money on “pampering products.” I ended up buying a lip balm because I loved the name of it, Make Out Magic, can I thought my Husband would get a kick out of it! Weeks later my friend wanted to make a trade for Burp Cloths that I make for my Business BurpeeBaby for Posh products. I thought why not? So I traded for the BFF and the Moisturize 911. For the first time in months, I took some time for myself and it felt good. I realized that I was a better wife and mother when I took a little time for myself.

Days later I was hooked, I looked through the catalog and thought, “well I want to try it all!” But, I hate always felt like my friends were just trying to sell me a low grade product at a high price. I hated the idea of being “one of those ladies.” After I tried a few more products I was ready. I decided the best value would be to get the starter kit and just live in my happy Posh world with 20% off! When I hit submit on my order for my kit Erin, my recruiter immediately added me to her Facebook Group where all of the girls on her team can ask questions, chat, share stories, and basically just connect. I think the idea of this being a team effort and a sisterhood helped me get on board with the selling aspect of the business.

Now, my “Why Posh?” is still based off of being a better Mom and Wife by taking time for myself but has also become about pushing myself, setting goals and learning that “selling” a product doesn’t need to be any more than “sharing” it with someone who may love it as much as you do. I am passionate about the naturally based products and how they have changed my skin, how I feel about using them on my child and how my husband raves about them.

I would love to show you how easy it is to start your own business & start making some extra money by sharing products that people naturally love! Oh, and you have no idea how much FUN this is! I would love to have you as part of my Posh Team!