Leslie Stewart

Leslie Stewart

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My Posh Story:

My Posh Story

Several years ago I was diagnosed with a long list of allergies. These allergies included everything from ingredients in cosmetics, beauty products, medications, all the way to foods. I ended up having to throw out all my makeup, my hair products, skin products, and drastically change my diet. I felt miserable, my skin looked horrible, my hair looked like straw, my face was constantly breaking out, and nothing “natural” or “organic” that I found on the market would help. One of my friends felt there had to be something out there I could use so she did some research and found Perfectly Posh. I was hesitant at first when she had her party only because I really did not want to have any adverse reactions, so I only tried a few things. To my surprise I had no reactions, I was thrilled! After just one use I could not only feel the difference, you could see the difference. At that point I was hooked on being a customer.

My friend who threw the Perfectly Posh party became a consultant and started to tell me more about the business. Our consultant at the party educated us very well on the business side but I thought no, I could never do something like that. Curiosity got the best of me and I did a lot of research, asked a lot of questions, and just had a good feeling about becoming a consultant. I really wanted to share my Posh story with others. I wanted to tell everyone that not only are the products amazing, they really work! Plus, what could it hurt, extra income is always a bonus! So I signed up and I would have never imaged it would be this awesome!

I joined Perfectly Posh on March 17th 2016 and I earned my 30 day props, my 60 day props, and have promoted to Pink! 2 months, that is all it took! I have had so much support from my upline consultants it has really made this easy. Plus, it is very true when you hear that the products sell themselves! I have been able to share with so many people how amazing Posh is, help others discover how Posh can truly heal their skin issues, and share with those who suffer from allergies just like myself.

Today, I am able to wear all my makeup (organic & natural) without reactions. My skin feels amazing and has never looked better. My hair is shiny and silky soft again, my face no longer breaks out, and my complexion is beautiful! I also have my teenage son’s using Posh products to help with their “teenage boy” faces. Between you and me, I really think my husband enjoys the products more than he is willing to admit!

Personally, becoming a Perfectly Posh consultant is the best decision I have ever made.

So, how do you define Pampering? A simple definition of Pamper (Pampering) is; “indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness, to spoil.” That is what Perfectly Posh does, Pamper! I want you to spoil yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin, indulge in the finest, naturally based ingredients. No matter your age, man or woman, you deserve to spoil yourself! You deserve to be Pampered!

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