Leslie Stewart

Leslie Stewart

Consultant ID: 47540
Location: Kuna, ID

My Posh Story:

Perfectly Posh has completely changed my life!  I have suffered from severe allergies for many years now. I ended up having to give up the majority of my makeup, beauty products, and hair care products due to these allergies. I thought it was just something I had to deal with because there was nothing I could use, until I found Perfectly Posh! I was filled with excitement to find such amazing products that I could use to pamper myself without risking allergy attacks or side effects. That is when I decided to join the Pampering Pursuit!

The excitement grew even more when my whole family fell in love with Posh products. I have two teenage boys who will not use anything but Posh and my husband has found multiple “manly” Posh products that he loves! Posh is truly for everyone!

So, how do you define Pampering? A simple definition of Pamper (Pampering) is; “indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness, to spoil.” That is what Perfectly Posh does, Pamper! I want you to spoil yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin, indulge in the finest, naturally based ingredients. No matter your age, man or woman, you deserve to spoil yourself! You deserve to be Pampered!

Contact me today, why? Because you deserve it! heart

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