Olivia Tirta

Olivia Tirta

Consultant ID: 4820

My Posh Story:

Hello there,

Welcome to my Perfectly Posh website. What is Perfectly Posh? We are a fun company with awesome pampering products. What is so awesome about it? Well, we don't put paraben, paraffin, no sls, no soy & gluten fillers in our products. We support American workers by making everything in the USA. We are friends with animals so we don't do animal testing.

I love to help you to host your spaaaaaah nights, portable spa on the go, and online spa nights. I would also to help you to join our pampering pursuit. It's the best decision I've ever made back on September 2013. I was able to retire my day job in August 2015 because of my Perfectly Posh income. I'm also a Gold Premier team leader with Perfectly Posh and I love to help my team members to succeed with their posh businesses.

 Please contact me by sending an email to PoshNinjas@gmail.com or give me a call (503) 544-8187. I also have a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/poshwitholivia . Thank you again for coming! Looking forward to hear from you. Have a Poshtastic day!