James Di Giacomo

James Di Giacomo

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My Posh Story:

My name is James Di Giacomo and as an actor and animal activist, I care about the products I use and buy. If you're looking for some amazing naturally based pampering products that are CRUELTY-FREE, you have come to the right place! Their products are all under $25 and shipping is ALWAYS just $5.99 -- so sit back and relax and take a few moments to go through my website. If you're interested in getting some FREE Posh products, then sign up to have a POSH party (online or in person) message or call me. And don't forget their incredible promo buy 5 get your 6th item FREE (excludes $4 lip balm and closeout items)!

Did you know what you put on your skin is equally if not more important than the foods you eat?! Not only is our skin the largest organ we have, but what you place on your skin is rapidly absorbed into your system. MOST products on the market use chemicals and those chemicals seep into your body and can cause cancer etc. That's why I love POSH -- all naturally based, many vegan options and their products are SULFATE-FREE! They don't use cheap fillers either like soy or gluten -- seriously check out the ingredients listed under all their products.

My personal favorites so far are the Vitamin Sea Shampoo (OMG), Gender Bender body wash (smells AMAZING and is unisex), Cackle Spackle (best detoxifying mask on the market), Honey Honey Hand Creme is my favorite hand cream, almost feels like theirs a shield of protection over my hands), Moisturize 911 (great to moisturize your face and also helps tighten skin), LOVE the Hunk Chunk bar of soa, the Caffeinator skin stick (great for dark circles, puffiness under the eyes and it too helps tighten skin) & use Whole Lava Love to exfoliate your face 2-3 x a week (truly the best and leaves your face feeling and looking amazing)!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you're interested in learning how you can host your own SPA/Pampering party where you'll earn EXTRA Posh Perks you can use to get any Posh products you want for FREE!