Trisha Schexsnayder Platinum Premier

Trisha Schexsnayder Platinum Premier

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Platinum Premier
Ubicación: Houma, LA
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Perfectly Posh has blessed me in so many ways.

When I first joined the company in February of 2012, it was just for fun & as a hobby. I quickly realized that it would become much more than that to me because not only did I have a passion & love for the products & the company, but I had quickly promoted up 1 level in each of the first 4 months. Today I am a Platinum Premier Team Leader & lead a company of over 1500 amazing women & men. My little hobby turned into a full time passion that has ranked me among the top leaders in the company. I have earned 2 incentive trips to New York City, a trip to St. Thomas & an exclusive photo shoot with Nigel Barker. I was also featured in the Spring/Summer 2016 catalog.

Perfectly Posh is all about freedom, fun & flexibility! It can be anything YOU want it to be for YOU! Are you busy, but would love an extra hobby? Posh can be that for you!  Are you looking to make part-time income, an extra few hundred dollars a month? Posh can do that for you! Are you ready to dive in full force & make this your passion? I can help you make what you'd like with Perfectly Posh. :) I'm always excited to welcome more Poshstars to my team no matter what kind of consultant you'd like to be!