Tia Chapo

Tia Chapo

Consultant ID: 69256
Location: South Bend, IN

My Posh Story:

Who I am…

I am a wife of a firefighter & mom to two amazing kids. Every day is a new adventure for me & I love doing new things! I love spending time with my family and enjoying the crazy journey of life. Every day, no matter how crazy is always interesting!

I love spending time with my family making memories, helping others, good food, good wine, movies, reading (when I get a moment!), music & more…

You will find that I am a ball full of energy all the time & that I love having fun all the time!

Why I Posh…

Being a woman is tough, and as a woman I know that I am always putting other people ahead of myself. I love being able to pamper myself & with Posh, I can without breaking the bank or looking for someone to watch my kiddos while I take some time for me! 

Even if it is that 15 (sometimes uninterrupted) minutes in the shower!

My Posh Goal…

My goal is to spread the LOVE of Posh! Because I truly feel that we should be good to ourselves. When we take time for ourselves & recharge we will always be at the top of our game, super woman cape & all!

I also want to empower women to reach their goals & dream to live the life they love & deserve.

Don’t Rock Alone…

I have an AMAZING community of women over at Posh T Rocks & this community is all about us!  This is a community all about celebrating being YOU, where you can be yourself, get support, ask questions and connect with other like-minded women!

***What You Can Expect ***
*Lots of FUN!
*Sharing ideas & Stories
*Get Support & Be Supported
*Talk About Posh
*Inspire Each Other
*Surprises & Specials For You
*& MORE! 

Because after all, you should never ROCK alone in this crazy thing called life!

Want to join us? We would love to have you! Click HERE to join us!

Let’s Hang Out Everywhere…

You can find me on Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter too!

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