Jennifer Edwards-Curran

Jennifer Edwards-Curran

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Perfectly Posh came into my life at a wonderful but scarry time. I was retiring from the Veterans Benefits Administration due to a chronic medical condition. I had no idea what I was going to do with my time. I was introduced to Posh through a friend. After seeing her comments & reviews I decided to give it a try. I ordered a few things & compared them to my normal over priced products. I soon had the Posh addiction! After a few months I decided to join. I could sell Posh, make a little extra cash, have something to do, plus get a discount. Why not?? With no obligation, I figured, if it didn't work out I still had a wonderful kit to keep. Since then it's turned into so much more! I've worked with a few direct sales companies in the past & left after a few parties. There was no support & I was only a number. Posh is so different! I've met many great people, have a wonderful support system, & a growing team of my own. There's always someone to reach out to. Plus, it's fun!! I love going to Posh events, meeting people, & just growing my business in general. Perfectly Posh is the first direct sales company I've seen that actually listens to & cares about it's consultants. Besides all of that...I love teaching people & sharing the benefits of Perfectly Posh. That includes everything from ingredient info, help w/ skin problems, or just an easy way to relax. It's truely a great company with non-stop innovations in pampering products. Whether it's a new creative scent in a hand cream or an amazing bath bomb to relax with, I'm always impressed. Once you try it you quickly realize Posh is not your typical Bath & Body company. They are constantly creating natural unique blends of the best ingredients & essential oils. I can't wait to see what's coming out at the beginning of each 'product season'. I joined Sept 2, 2016 & I look forward to being a Posh girl for many years to come. After all... Everyone deserves to be pampered!

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