Sara Obando Lobo

Sara Obando Lobo

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My Posh Story:

Hello! My name is Sara and I'm a graphic/web designer, blogger, and beauty enthusiast. I believe skin care is extremely important, not only for our skin, but also for our mental wellness! Taking time to pamper ourselves can do wonders to our skin, help our physical and mental health, and improve our mood.

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I started paying attention to my skin a few years ago, around 2013, when I moved to the dry Utah desert to attend university. My whole body started to dry out really bad, the back of my hands started to crack and it was even painful. I realized that I HAD to do something about it. Ever since, I've tried many different products and brands. It wasn't until late 2015 that I was introduced to Perfectly Posh, and the more I tried their products, the more I loved them! Some of the reasons that were big pluses for Posh are their natural ingredients, their cruelty-free policy, and their great prices. Believe me, I was a poor college student, married to another college student, when I started buying their products. But I didn't need to get a ton of products, just inform myself properly and buy one or two that would help me the most with I was dealing at that moment, and I went for it—totally budget-friendly!

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