Becky McGuire

Becky McGuire

Consultant ID: 21187
Silver Premier
Location: Fredericksburg, VA

My Posh Story:

Welcome to my Perfectly Posh website!  My name is Becky McGuire and I am a Silver Premier consultant!   I am currently a teacher in Stafford County and I have 3 beautiful children.  I joined Perfectly Posh In April 2015 because I loved the products for so many reasons!  Here are just a few:

  •  The high quality, organically based ingredients (no parabens, parrafin, lanolin, sulfates)
  •  The variety of products that are offered for every skin type and sensitivity
  •  The products are gentle and perfect for pampering my whole family from my husband, to my 16 year old son, to my 6 year old, to my sweet little baby.
  •  We all need a little pampering in our lives (or a lot)!  I can choose to take 5 minutes to throw on a mask or exfoliate in the shower even in my super busy life, because I deserve!!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!  You can call me, text me, or find me on Facebook at

I would love to pamper you and your friends with a Spa Night in your home or at your favorite place!  I also can help you conduct a Facebook party or online party so that you can earn free products in your PJs!

I am currently working on actively building a team and a successful business!  If you are interested in learning about this wonderful new company with less than 100,000 consultants across the country, I would love to meet with you and discuss why I have fallen in love with Posh!  This Posh pampering business is booming and this is the time the get started!

Thank you for visiting and let me know if I can help you fit some pampering in your life because YOU DESERVE IT!

Becky McGuire