Nancy Dunn

Nancy Dunn

Consultant ID: 119925
Location: Palatine, IL

My Posh Story:

Well, you offer me something that makes my skin feel UNBELIEVABLE, while taking my morning routine to NEW HEIGHTS with silky smooth skin and amazing aromatherapy - what happens? I have to SELL IT and share it with all my friends and family! My nightly routine has also changed dramatically because, before Perfectly Posh, I didn't even have a nightly routine!

Why do I love it so much, you may ask? 100% Natural ingredients, incredible fragrances, 100% made in the USA, and best of all - THE PRICE!  You'll see the list of products I love on this website but I have to explain a couple - Anti-aging serum: I've used serums anywhere from $140/bottle to $40/bottle. POSH Anti-Aging Serum is fantastic! It's absorbs so fast, I can immediately follow it up with the face moisturizer - which is rich and creamy and smells wonderful! The CHUNKS, Snarky Bars, and hand creams are right up there on the favorite list, with SO many others!

I encourage you try this product line - it will NOT DISAPPOINT! Feel free to message me, email, or text if you'd like to try some samples first!