Lisa Luepke

Lisa Luepke

Consultant ID: 121213
Location: Abilene, TX

My Posh Story:

My Posh Story about me, I've had many obstacles in my life but came out fighting like a champ. My mother raised me to be very independent, strong willed women thank goodness for her as my role model and mentor. I married for a second time with an incredible man that is a blessing from God. He is an excellent role model for my son could not ask for more. I've raised my son and found that I needed something more to do. Due to health reason I have not been able to work full time because I have my good and bad days due to pulmonary issues. I was worried I'd not find something to either work from home or part-time like substitute teaching like I've done in the past. Then, I was invited to my first Posh party in July shortly after receiving my surprise I won plus samples and a lovely note. Before I used the samples my face had a horrible break out. My face immediately felt better after using Gender Bender Bar and Moisturize 911 Facial Moisturizer within 2 days it cleared up. Not to forget the lip balm I won, MELONDRAMA that had refreshing kiwi and melon my lips love it! Made my first purchase bought the BFF: BEST FACE FOREVER EXFOLIATION FACE WASH And RASPBERRY BERET SNARKY BAR for My Feet! After thinking many months about the company in a whole. You know what it all stands for plus the great products spoke volumes even the Awesome Training given. I fell in Love which led me down a path at becoming a consultant in August 24th, 2017!

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