Valerie Schwartz

Valerie Schwartz

Consultant ID: 2871
Location: North Canton, OH

My Posh Story:

Hello! My name is Valerie and I am a Posh addict. I cannot get enough of Perfectly Posh products. In fact, I use over 25 of them on a daily basis.

I started this Posh journey on January 2, 2013 after meeting a Posh consultant in December at a 3 day event where I was selling homemade glass beaded snowflake ornaments. I sat beside this gal, Nicole and her family of 5 kids for 3 days! Best behaved kids EVER! She was amazing!

And then I needed some lotion, so I tried the Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream, I was hooked, so I bought some! My feet are always dry, so I bought a foot care package too...Rubby Scrubby, Soothing Stick and Fabulous Fizzies. And I bought the Healer, because Nicole said it was the best stuff EVER. Spent $95...

On Sunday of that 3 day event, I cut my index finger really bad and deep on a glass bead and the wire of the snowflake, it was bleeding like crazy. Once the bleeding stopped, Nicole told me to use the Healer on it like I would an anti-biotic cream. So, I packed up all my stuff and went home. The next morning, my finger was throbbing and was sore to touch. I remembered what Nicole said, so I rubbed some Healer on the wound. I swear, within 30 SECONDS, the throbbing was gone and I could touch it without it hurting! WOW! I was sold for that product too, along with the Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream.

After Christmas, I decided I wanted to join...the $99 was a inexpensive investment. I got my kit and tried everything, except for the items I didn't like the smell of. But of course, that's always gonna happen...with Posh there is always something for everyone!

Today, I'm a Premier Consultant, with dreams to make it to Silver Premier before July. I love this company. I love the amazing and wonderful founders, Ann Dalton and Andrew McBride who take VERY good care of us consultants and they understand that without us, they can't have a company. We are the bread & butter of Perfectly Posh and are treated with respect and given so many tools to make our business grow if we want to use them. We are allowed freedoms where other DS companies don't allow. We can work our business how we want, when we want and for as much time per week we want. We can be social, part-time or career without penalty and we are given the tools to succeed if we want to use them. I am even friends with our founders on Facebook! How awesome is that. They know who I am and that makes me feel special and wanted.

So that's my Posh story and I'm sticking to name is Valerie and I'm a Posh addict. Wanna join my team and become part of the support group that is Perfectly Posh?

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