Ginger Crane

Ginger Crane

Consultant ID: 35900
Location: Glenpool, OK

My Posh Story:

Hi there, I am Ginger Crane. How did I become an independent consultant for Perfectly Posh??
Well, we went on vacation and my DIL sells POSH.  OK I thought. (I wasn't prepared to fall in love
with it!) For the first time in years, my skin wasn't flaky and dry.  It felt alive again. 
 I was wild about it and decided to order a kit because I could get so much more for my money.
At that point, I became a kit-napper.  I was a person that spends $99.00 and gets over $250.00 worth
of products.  When I got home, I got to thinking that, If I could sell some then all mine wouldn't cost
me very much.  After all nothing was over $25.00!  Well,,,,,I am having so much fun selling POSH that it
has given me back a lot of self-esteem I had lost when I had to retire with a disability!! I hope you love
POSH as much as I do.........

Favorite Products

Lip Scrub
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Flash Dance
Swipe Moisture Tint for Lips
Item No.: PB1204
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Date Added: Aug 17, 2019
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