Luba Korduba

Luba Korduba

Consultant ID: 51827
Location: Broadview Heights, OH

My Posh Story:


Hi my name is Luba Korduba and I am a super proud Posh Consultant!!

I thought it was about time I change this message as I have such a new perspective on this career path I just had to share!

This company is turning direct sales on its head, there is NO other company out there like it and I believe will some day be the model of all future direct sales companies.  Posh makes it so easy to achieve (or not achieve if you don't want to lol) and rewards you for just about everything you do!  We earn points to spoil ourselves with electronics or gift cards, perks to get us free products or business supplies, AND commission!  

I have found my confidence and self respect again and made friends all over the country!  I have learned to the importance of ME TIME and how amazingly made naturally based products can not only help you on the outside but on the inside as well.  

I am excited for what my future holds and I hope that I can spread the word and products of Posh to everyone so everyone can realize that it is important to take care of yourselves first once in a while, even if its for just 5 minutes!  Our products help you do that and are super affordable so there is no excuse not to at least TRY one product!  I bet you love it ;)