Samantha May

Samantha May

Consultant ID: 52578
Location: Henderson, NV

My Posh Story:

Hello! When I first joined Posh last year, I had no idea what would happen, or if I’d still be here by this point. I had never been in any kind of direct sales before, and had no idea if I would be able to even make a sale. I had already fallen head over heels for the product, and the company. Finally I had a line of products that I truly believed in enough that I wanted to share them with everyone I know. When I first joined, there were five main reasons that influenced my decision. Those were: 1. CRAP Free Products – CRAP stands for Chemicals, reactants, animal by-products, and poisons. 2. Earth and Animal Friendly Company 3. Affordable 4. Perfectly Posh’s promotion of self-love practice 5. Posh is my Happy Place, something to do so that being stuck at home with chronic illness doesn’t make me go insane. After the last year of Posh, starting my fourth catalog, growing into a company of over 118 people (one of which earned a trip to Greece, and another hit Premier and outranked me in only 6 months), selling $250,000 in soaps and lotions, and being able to travel and meet some amazing people, all of my original reasons for joining Posh still stand. However, my love of Posh has only grown. Now there are even MORE reasons that I love working for this company. Here are the things that have been added to my decision to continue to work with Perfectly Posh, and to continue to push myself toward my big scary goals: 6. Community – I have a whole new amazing family surrounding me. There is something amazing that happens when everyone is there for each other, helping each other, and watching each other make dreams come true. 7. Goal Driven Live – I recently took a couple months off again to get my health situated a bit, and I realized how boring life is when you aren’t working on a goal or pursuing some kind of dream. From small little milestones to a huge life-changing achievement, life is just better when you are working toward something. It’s a fantastic way to keep moving forward, no matter what is happening. 8. Creative Expression – I have so much fun making things! I get to make memes, one of my favorite hobbies. I get to make videos. I get to come up with all kinds of cool promotions, and challenges, and graphics. I have trouble with a lot of hobbies that involve making things with my hands. Being a Posh consultant and leader is the best hobby I have ever had. 9. Growth – Part of living a goal-driven life, and being able to creatively express yourself is the side effect of growth. I have learned so many new things. I have learned about business. I have learned a ton about making videos. I have learned the most about how to be a better leader. If we aren’t growing, we are dying. 10. Changing Lives – I had no idea my business would have taken off the way it has. I had no idea I’d have over a hundred people watching my trainings. I could have never dreamed we would be looking at making a half a million dollars within two years. My life has been changed. But we are all being changed. One of my teammates went to Greece! I know I already said that, but this girl had never been outside of the US, just joined in November, and ended up earning a top 40 spot in the company. Her life is changed forever. We have women who are making actual paychecks. Full, real, actual wages. That is life changing. I have teammates who have Lyme disease who are able to be productive for the first time in years. That is life changing. I want to change more lives for the better, and Perfectly Posh is my way to keep doing it. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Perfectly Posh! Take a few minutes to check out the catalog and find your samples. Each sample has been placed next to its section in the Posh paper. Then, take a few minutes for yourself to use the samples, because you deserve it! Please keep this catalog as we will not receive a new one until February! Let me know what you love (or what you never

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