Kathryn Vengley-Aho

Kathryn Vengley-Aho

Consultant ID: 70960
Location: Soldotna, AK

My Posh Story:

My "why" I am Posh

  Around May of 2016, my Mother's coworker was having a "Perfectly Posh Party." Being my best friend, Mom knows how much I love anything to do with beauty products! She brought me a catalog and free samples home. I, of course, freaked out and was super happy to try it!

  When I read more about Perfectly Posh, I was so surprised to see what Posh does NOT put in their products.

  I usually use face wash from drug stores and same with most of my beauty products. I never thought or second guessed the chemicals on the labeling. I couldn't pronounce the ingredients, but never wondered if they were harmful to me. Yes, thinking like that was na├»ve I know, but it was in a packaged bottle and I figured if they can sell it, it can't be that bad... Well, they were and are bad!

  Until Posh!

  I have struggled with dry patches on my nose and eyebrow area (I've come to find out many others do too!) Many products I was trying were over the counter and one my Dr even recommend, I could only use for two weeks (wasted money) before I gave up because they burned/ irritated in my dry skin areas!

  Since skin typically dries out worse in winter, I was eagerly "on the hunt" for a burn-free moisturizer for my face before fall came ( I live in Alaska, we have dry air and long winters!) 

After I talked with Clare ( the Perfectly Posh consultant whom I was referred to shop online with) she sent me different samples. All the way from out of state ( I appreciate her so much!)

  When the samples arrived, I was hooked mainly on Moisture 911! This stuff doesn't burn, I can wear my make up without my face flakes visible because they are gone!  

  I finally said "Yes" to hosting a party, but then on a split second decision I signed myself up as an consultant! Ms. Clare was even shocked ha ha! 

  I want to share with friends and family, and maybe help pay a couple bills or for a date night... mostly I became a consultant for; my own health, chance to save on beauty products I love, girls night in to pamper ourselves, and lastly revive and teach some self confidence!

  I love that Perfectly Posh makes these products in our own country and am very thankful for the help of The Lord God, Clare, and Posh for aiding me on this new journey! This marks two weeks Posh! 9/15/16

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